I had this idea (of re-formatting the script) many weeks ago. And I was doing it just as a lark. Thought it would be funny.

But then, when I discovered the Dudeism site (see the link on the left), I thought, this re-formatting could come in handy.

For, example, if I break the script into chapters and verses, then, when people quote the movie, they could add a scriptural notation. Like….

“The Dude Abides.” (Lebowski 48:12)

Then, I also thought, such a document could be used in expounding on certain verses.

To those who may be familiar with the concept, I’m thinking like D’var Torah, or Torah Commentary. Take a verse, or a section, and see what kind of philosophical truths one can glean from it.

I could see a list of “Profound Utterances,” which a central to the tenets of Dudeism. Then people could comment or expound on them.

In fact, I have a lot of ideas one some of them. “That’s fucking interesting” says that a follower of Dudeism is easily fascinated. “That’s a bummer” says that followers are compassionate. “The Dude abides” says that a follower both focuses on just living, as well as does their best at “abiding” any crisis that crosses their path. “This is what happens…” shows that our actions have consequences. “You’re being very unDude, Dude” is an admonition to relax and get back on the path. And so on.

(Okay, this next idea, I admit may be going a little far. But hey, I’ve seen stuff on the internet that’s a whole lot more obsessive than this. If you don’t know, the founder of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is writing – or has written – a complete Bible for that religion. Plus, this stuff fun to do when I have downtime at work.)

Whereas in Judaism, the Torah is broken up into sections roughly equalling the number of weeks in the year. This could be done to the script could be as well. I did this yesterday, and found, if you break up the script by scenes, and include even small ones as scenes, you get 48, which is pretty close to a year. So, maybe, in Dudeism, it is customary to read (or watch) the scene for a particular week, and think about it, discuss it,  or write about it.

If you’re curious to see this breakdown, look here…



This will be a big undertaking, I know. But if there was any work of literature in which I have found pure perfection, this screenplay is it.

However, I can see two ways of doing this. One, to take the screenplay as is, and re-format it in chapters and verses (which I’m calling the Standard Orthodox Version), like I’ve started here…

The Book of Lebowski – SOV

Or, taking some liberty and re-write it in the style of ancient scripture (or, the Fucking Interesting Version)…

The Book of Lebowski – FIV

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